So hungry

Dave is homeless

In order to survive, to eat, Dave has to beg

Not everybody gives...

Available soon on iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC and Linux

What is So hungry?

So hungry is a game all about the life of Dave, a homeless person trying to exist in an un-forgiving world.

Take on the role of Dave and find ways of getting money to buy food to survive and also save to allow him to buy his own place one day and get off the streets.

The entire concept is based on the developer, Byron Atkinson-Jones having witnessed a whole new scale of homelessness whilst visiting the Game Developer Conference at San Francisco in March 2013. Part game, part social statement, So hungry is a small glimpse into some aspects of harsh life on the streets.


The gameplay of So hungry has been kept deliberately simple to keep the emphasis on the plight of being homeless and also to highlight the lack of options you would have if you found yourself in that situation.

The whole point is to survive and to survive you have to get money. To get money you have have to beg the Townies to give you some. While all of this is going on you are getting more and more hungry and eventually you will starve unless you use some of that money to buy food from the shop. The ultimate aim is to get enough money to buy his own place, once you've done that you've beat the game and Dave is safe. There is another way to win, but that's a secret and left to you to find out.

Designed to work equally well on Desktop, phones and tablets So hungry uses a single touch or click interface. You click on the area of the world you want Dave to go to an he goes there if he can. To beg you simply go up to a townie and he will automatically start. Get too close though and the Townie will get scared and start shouting for the police.



This is Dave. Touch or click anywhere in the world to make him move to that location. If you get near a Townie then he will start begging them for money.


Townies are the inhabitants of the city. In the real world they are you and I. They just go around the city minding their own business. Just like you and I they have moods that change all the time. If they get into a bad move then they are not likely to give Dave any money. Don't let Dave get too close to the Townies, they are a bit nervous and if he touches them they will start shouting 'Assault' and that draws the police.


If you have accidentally assaulted a Townie then the police will chase and arrest you. There's currently a $50 fine for assault. It's also game over if you get arrested.


Bullies are nasty people and they will try to get any money that the Townies leave for you if you aren't fast enough to get it.




If you want to talk to Byron Atkinson-Jones to discuss all things So hungry then send a mail to